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Full Term Effective Rate (Includes all fees)
4.799% - 20 Yr.
4.401% - 10 Yr.

As of March 2015
*Official Monthly 504 Rate Information       Official Monthly 504 Rate Tables

FBDC: The Source For SBA 504 Lending
Winner of the Excellence in Lending Award

Florida Business Development Corporation (FBDC) is a private, non - profit Certified Development Company and was established in 1989 to administer the SBA 504 Program. FBDC serves Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

FBDC is the second most active Certified Development Company (CDC) nationwide for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2014. That makes FBDC the second most active CDC in the country! FBDC approved more SBA 504 loans in Florida than any other CDC in Florida! Learn more about FBDC

At FBDC we assist healthy, growing small businesses, secure long-term, below market, fixed-rate financing for acquisition of fixed assets. We also provide financial assistance and advisory services to companies considering the possibility of selling their business or contemplating an acquisition or merger.

In recognition and honor of our 25th Anniversary we are unveiling a new logo. A new day has dawned at FBDC! With a nod to our prior logo our sailboat is full ahead and our crew is at the helm of the best delivery mechanism for the SBA 504 Loan Program in the country. Thank you for your loyalty and confidence.

FBDC does business in the State of Georgia as Georgia Small Business Capital and in the State of Alabama as Alabama Small Business Capital. We look forward to working with you on SBA 504 financing opportunities throughout the entire State of Florida, the entire State of Georgia and the entire State of Alabama.

Loan Assistance to our Veterans
Find out more about how FBDC can help you by clicking on any icon above.

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