Loan Rates

The rate is determined by market at the sale of a participation in a pool of government guaranteed securities. The rate is fixed for the term of the SBA/FBDC loan. Based on pricing published by NADCO.
Market rates are allowed on the private lending portion (50% of project).

If interested please contact Florida Business Development Corporation.

Application process information you will need to submit.

The fees listed below are based on SBA portion of the loan and are financed with the loan.
  • CDC Processing Fee: Up to 1.5% of the 504 portion of the project
  • Other Program Fees: ¼% Funding Fee.
  • .4% (compounded) Underwriting Fee.
  • SBA Guarantee Fee .5%.

  • Bank
  • Participation Fee: One time ½% fee to SBA on lender’s participation.

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